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Molly Salans

Molly SalansHer love of literature and deep spirituality eventually brought Molly to earn her M.Ed. from Cambridge College in 1989. She then went on to obtain her license in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Kantor Family Institute in 1991 and a license in Social Work from Boston University School of Social Work in 1995. Her first book, Storytelling with Children in Crisis, is based on her social work experience in home-based crisis intervention.

Prior to pursuing her education in counseling and social work, Molly was a member of a prominent cult for seven years. Though she left in 1982, her experiences as part of the group haunted her, leading her to write her newest book, a psychological fiction novel titled A Break in the Fog.

Though not autobiographical, her insider understanding of the way cults operate informed this integral part of the dysfunctional family narrative. Feeling this was a story she had to get out, her wish is for readers to find hope in the family’s quest for redemption.

Healings with Molly

A transformative, intuitive, and passionate practitioner, Molly Salans LICSW, understands how important talk therapy and especially expressing emotions is.

Within the context of the healing consciousness which is unconditional love, she will help you get to know your feelings on very deep levels.

Through intuitive guidance and compassion, you will be brought into those sticky stuck areas that are in need of your own love and light.

Once you are deep within yourself, connecting and surrendering to your inner vulnerability, you will at the same time, reveal to yourself a magnificent strength and beauty you never knew you had.

These very dark places, the ones you want to avoid the most, are the very spaces that hold your transformative abilities!

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