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A Break in the Fog is a beautifully written story with themes of love, addiction, post-traumatic stress, and the true meaning of family. In this book, author Molly Salans, writes with prose that dances in the reader’s ear as she tells the story through the points of view of the three main characters. Joe (or Yosev)the father, and Clara and Wendy, the adult daughters. Well-written with beautiful scenery and complex characters, A Break in the Fog will have its readers wide-eyed and hoping for the best.” —Seattle Review

“A Break in the Fog, by Molly Salans, had me thinking about Clara, the story’s main character, well after I finished the story. A wonderfully well-done novel, this is not a light read. The story follows Clara’s journey recalling her traumatic childhood, dysfunctional family, and her eventual wash up in a deadly cult. A tale that truly shook me, readers of serious fiction or those who are seeking a deeper understanding of cults, would thoroughly enjoy this book.” —San Francisco Review

With great pleasure, I just finished Molly Salan’s debut novel, A Break in the Fog, set in San Francisco (my hometown!), in the mid-70’s. As a family therapist, psychoanalyst and “matriarch,” I so appreciated and enjoyed the saga of the Greenwood family, and of course, Clara, whose struggle toward independence and love — of family and others — is so beautifully and seductively shared with the reader.” —Julie Tepper, PsyD, Psychoanalyst

“A Break in the Fog is one of those rare family saga novels that once you begin is hard to put down. The characters coming more alive with each passing chapter until you cannot separate yourself from feeling a part of their family drama. The ending broke my heart open. A worthy read indeed for all.” —Peter & Jamy Faust, Authors of The Constellation Approach; Finding peace Through your family Lineage

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